How To Avoid Over-Parenting

by on Aug.10, 2013, under Journal

Parents that are too protective of their kids will typically do what is called "over parenting" – basically, they never get their kids the room necessary to learn by themselves. Over parenting can also be seen when kids are forced to excel at school or sports, something that over obsessive parents are guilty of doing all the time. There are many problems that go along with over parenting. In this article, we will address many of these issues, and how you should move toward a parenting style that is simply encouraging.

Marketing studies show that the consuming public prefers negative news stories as opposed to positive stories. You have to teach your kid about the world while also showing them how to protect themselves. But, your child will get to an age where he or she can learn how to avoid certain situations. So don’t let media stories about crime, terrorism, drug abuse, traffic accidents and so forth turn you into an overprotective parent. Did you know that over parenting can actually cause health problems to arise? This is true for both parents and children. When children are very young, it is normal for them to be the central point of interest in their parent’s lives. When your kids are born, if you take this too far, you could find yourself shelving your lives just for your kids. When your entire sense of identity and self esteem is wrapped up in the lives of your kids, you aren’t doing your kids or yourself any favors. The best parents set an example for their kids as well as helping them and giving them advice. It will give you the ability to still do what makes you happy, plus taking care of your kids at the same time. That way, your kids can learn by observing how you deal with life’s challenges and difficulties.

Parents who are guilty of over parenting usually cannot bear to see their kids fail at anything.

Whether it’s a math test, assembling a toy or learning to ride a bike, kids will sometimes struggle and fail, and this is just a part of life, and you can’t always be there to prevent internet this from happening. If you tend to rescue your kids whenever you see them struggling with anything, you aren’t helping them in the long run. Avoid being the educational over parenting person when it concerns studies, and there’s nothing wrong with hiring a tutor if you can’t remember how to do algebra.

There’s just so many negative side effects when there are over parenting issues at play. There’s a fine line between giving your child the guidance and protection he or she needs and overdoing it. Be patient with yourself, and it’s a good idea to talk to someone if you feel that you need to do so. Just be sure that you give your child the best chance possible to grow up healthy and with good social skills.

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