The Common Cold Can Be Prevented With These Tips And Tools

by on Aug.30, 2013, under Journal

Whenever the seasons change, particularly for the colder and wetter, people tend to get sick a lot more often. Reported cases of both flu and colds have increased. As colds increase, so do sales of antihistamines, that are over-the-counter, and cough syrups. Why wouldn’t there be more sales? You know as soon as you feel the shift in temperature that you are probably going to get sick. Luckily there are things that you can do to ward off the cold and the flu-which is good because currently there is no good cure for either of them. During cold and flu season you can do some of the following tips to stay healthy.

Use things that can be easily disposed of, when sick people are around you. When the sickness hits a member of your family, plastic utensils, and paper plates and cups, should be used. Preventing a cold or the flu this way isn’t necessarily the most friendly to the environment, but it is much better than touching each others dishes and utensils constantly. You can buy recyclable disposable dishes and utensils to help stop the spread of germs. This is usually more important in cases where children are together sharing cups, when one who has the flu also wants to share.

It is important to exercise every day. To not get a cold, there are people who want to isolate themselves from the world, when the cold and flu season begins. You shouldn’t think that this means your couch is where you will spend all of your time. Staying inside doesn’t mean you can’t be active, and it is not necessary to go to a health club. Keeping your body strong is necessary to beat back colds and infections, and the best way to do this is stay physically active. At least fifteen minutes of exercise is something you need to plan for each day.

Paper towels are good to use. Germs will be collected on cloth towels and wash cloths. Getting rid of germs once they get on these wash cloths is not easy. Paper towels are better for drying your hands and cleaning your surfaces. The germs that want to make you sick can just be thrown out. A few times a day, you should empty the trash can outside, since it isn’t too sanitary to let the paper towels fester for days either. The common cold cannot be cured and that is the truth. You can, however, take active steps to keep yourself from coming down with the cold or flu in the first place. About the only treatment there is for a cold or the flu is to find ways to prevent it. Some of the preventative measures might not be much fun, but still much easier than dealing with being sick with the flu or a cold.

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